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Performing Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Developing cataract is a normal part of aging. If your vision is making it hard to do the things you love, call for an evaluation.


Your natural lens becomes cloudy with time and starts to affect your vision. One might notice blurry vision at distance and/or near along with bothersome glare.


Lens Choice

The major visual concern when dealing with a cataract is to remove the cloudy natural lens.

You have the opportunity to replace that lens with an implant that can sometimes get you out of glasses.

The Standard Lens can correct distance or near vision. Glasses are used to see everything else. (Patient corrects their distance vision with a lens implant and uses reading glasses for close vision.)

If you have astigmatism, you may need a toric lens if you would like to see well without glasses.

Other lenses exist that allow patients to see well at multiple distances.

Please call for a consultation for more details.


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